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"Introduction to the Lean Start-Up Biz Development Training" with Boyd Stephens

A few of the items that separates our training classes from any other type of business training sessions being offered throughout the region include:

- focusing upon "customer discover and development" and not on a "marketing plan". We train individuals not in how to conduct "market research" but in how to actually determine and develop their customers and then walk them through a process that results in those customers providing revenue.

- teaching individuals how to build a viable business enterprise without having to take out a home equity loan or the elusive "unsecured" business loans, self-fund their business through their personal savings, having to chase "seed capital" from investors which rarely exists, etc. This allows the entrepreneur to be beholden to the only individual to that really matters in the life of their business - THE CUSTOMER!

- for high growth potential businesses, training individuals how to create an economic and operational foundation that provides them with greater leverage once they begin to entertain a discussion with any form of an investor such as an angel or venture type.

- to interested parties, showing individuals the proper time to transition from their 8am-5pm employment into the world of entrepreneurship.

- much, much more...