How to measure the size of a speaker?

The music system of the car is a very important thing because most of the people used to hear the songs while driving. In that case, if you are purchasing a new car you should give Importance to the speaker of the car.

And if you want to replace them with the new one you should measure car speakers wisely. Measuring the size of the speaker is an easy task you could measure them exactly.

The replacement process is the little difficult one because the new one should be set inside the space given for the speakers.


Sizes of the speakers

In general, there are several factors you should consider when you are updating the new sound system in your car.

Among them, the most important thing you have to take into concern is about the size of the speakers that are going to fit replace your previous one. It is not that all the speakers will set all the system even if you update the new version it should have the capacity to get adapted to it.

The sound system of one will vary from the other and also the price range of it will also vary in the market. In the market, you can find different types of speakers and each has different sound volumes.

The highly-rated one will have more sound when being compared to the lower cost.

Before you buy the speaker you should know about the measurement of the speaker.

If only you select the perfect size of the speaker, they can be replaced in the same place from where you removed the already used speaker. Make sure that the one you select will get accurately fixed to that place or not.

Measurement in speaker

The speaker size measurement includes;


The size of the speaker will not be measured by using the diameter of the speaker cone. But the measurement will be based on the diagonal length of the speaker frame.

Usually, the speaker frame measurement is done starting from one hole and ends at another hole present in the opposite diagonal end.


Mounting depth

It is measured from the mounting flange to the base of the magnet. By this, you get to know how deep your speakers go when you insert.

Final thoughts

After car speaker sizes measured you can start purchasing or replace the right speakers that get fit into your sound system. The speaker size measurement will be helpful to you while replacing the sound system correctly in your car.