The Handcrafted Way

It’s the craft. It’s the process of crafting something by hand that made us think, “Why not?” Opelika is a rail-town rich in textile heritage. It’s that heritage that inspired us to create; inspired us to the point of resurrecting a defunct brand that predates the Civil War. A brand that made overalls by hand. Today, in that same building, we make our ice cream pops by hand.

It starts with the farmer. Jonny de Joung runs Alabama’s Organic Dairy with his family in Slocombe, AL. It is now the only distributing organic dairy in the state of Alabama. Jonny is one of the most down-to-earth and coolest guys we know, and his passion for quality is exactly what makes partnering with him so awesome. Not to mention his milk and cream are the best we’ve ever tasted. In the same way our coffee partners, Counter Culture Coffee, invest in and create relationships with the incredible farmers that grow the coffee they roast (and the coffee we serve), Jonny is our farmer that we invest in and want to help because without farmers, where would we be?

Jonny’s milk and cream create the base for all our pops. The higher the butterfat, the creamier the pop. It’s the butterfat that creates that beautiful, creamy mouth-feel that makes ice cream so enjoyable, and Jonny’s cows produce some really fatty milk. Into the delicious cream we blend pure cane sugar and a variety of seasonal offerings. Again, the farmers are the most important part of this whole process. It’s from our local farmers that we get all the fresh produce that make up the rest of our pops.