Local Produce at The Overall Co.

We’re growing green! Why? Because it’s super awesome! We’ve partnered with Supergrow based in Auburn to bring you the freshest and tastiest lettuce you have ever eaten. Supergrow was started by James Massa in the northeastern U.S. but he brought his concept to Auburn to partner with the university. Auburn University students aid Massa and the Supergrow team in research with a focus on green energy technologies and indoor growing, in what is called Controlled Environmental Agriculture.  

What’s so cool about Supergrow, is that it is organic, because it is grown in soil (teraphonic), and it can be grown year around. Unlike hydroponic produce, teraphonic produce contains way more micronutrients and macronutrients because of its organic growing methods in soil. Therefore, you get super lettuce, high in vitamins and minerals! Another neat thing about Supergrow is that they are within 2 miles of any of their consumers. How neat is that? Talk about buying local. 

The Supergrow method conserves water, fuel, energy, and grows in controlled environments that eliminate waste almost entirely. So, the next time you buy a sandwich or a salad at the Overall Company, you can feel good about what you’re eating and where it is coming from.