The story of the overall company

All great things start with relationships.  That's how The Overall Company started.  We always say, "Choose your "who" before you "do".  If you decide who you want to do life with and have a strong foundation, anything is possible.  This is the mechanism for creating sustainability when the going get's tough. 

With that said, everything started in The Overall Company Building.  It has had many titles over the years, but when Jay and I met, it was called Historic Possibilities.  Historic Possibilities was an architectural salvage store selling old doors, windows, transoms, stain glass, anything you can imagine to build a new/old house.  I was the clerk and the assistant to the owners in all of their entrepreneurial endeavors (which fostered some great training for what was ahead.).  It is in this store where I met the most amazing customer, MY HUSBAND.  He walked in one day looking for "old windows" and about a month later he decided he was going to marry me - come hell or high water (Southernism).  So 3 years later, in the same foyer where we met, in the same building, he proposed, and I said yes.  Little did we know that two and a half years later after two other business endeavors, we would open The Overall Company.  

Why The Overall Company?  

First we love community.  Community is the seat of everything we are passionate about - people doing them, being who they are, sharing their personalities and gifts and bringing what they love to the table.  Overall Company is organic, it's rugged and un-pristine.  It's a group of people in a demographic that daily decided to live their lives intersecting with this place called The Overall Company. Artists, Baristas, Writers, Film Makers, Directors, Journalists,  Entrepreneurs, Moms, Dads, Kids, Families, Couples, Hipsters, Musicians, Foodies, Wine Enthusiasts, Beer Lovers - literally people from all walks of life find their living room here at The Overall Company. And everyone is doing what they do.  Writers are writing, artists are drawing, families are connecting, couples are dating (first dates, married folks, engagements, rehearsal dinners, weddings, etc.), entrepreneurs are working, musicians are playing, enthusiasts are partaking.  It's totally RAD, to say the very least. 

Why do they come?

We can say a lot about The Overall Company Experience.  We dreamed it would be a Third Place.  After you leave home, go to your office or line of work, where do you choose to go for your enjoyment, your indulgence, your place to unwind and be you - that is your third place.  We wanted to be "that" for people.  

We traveled all over the world visiting coffee bars, taking notes, adding pictures to our journals, having fun.  We went to have fun.  We didn't know at the time we would open The Overall Company. We found coffee communities in New York and in Atlanta because we liked coffee. We liked the people.  We loved the work and community it gave us.  

Coffee is amazing because it draws you.  I love that.  Every time we do something as a community, it changes us.  It's emotional.  It's powerful.  We wanted to make pops with the local farmer's dairy & produce.  We wanted to create amazing coffee with Counter Culture Coffee & use the local dairy to do our latte's.  We work with a team of people on the design because we would rather work together than alone. We wanted to have an amazing family (our employees) and invest in them because we can, and we are grateful for people that align their lives with ours.  We make food that is homemade with the best ingredients because we like to remember where we came from, what our grandmother's used to make us, what we had at family reunions.  It reminds us of home, of our neighbors, of our friends - the people that make our community what it is.  

That's what Overall Company is.  It's people.  The experiences are built on the foundation of our "who". The community is constantly affirming the value of it's members.  If you join the community, it will forever be altered, because no one has ever given it what you can give.  

We are honored to be curators & facilitators, of our community.  We will never be the same. 

Written By: Founders, Jay & Laura Pritchard