Overall TV


Email the production team at overallseries@gmail.com for all inquiries.


Overall (the series), will be a scripted web series depicting the lives of characters from the East Alabama and surrounding areas - centered around experiences at The Overall Company. The characters and stories in this series will be developed FICTIONALLY - while, occasionally, inspired by actual occurrences. Again, this will NOT be a reality series production. This series will be a professional, cinematic, creative project. While some scenes will take place here at The Overall Company, others will take place throughout the East Alabama area.



Truth is, we're just sincerely excited to create an opportunity that is rare for our community. We're in the position to influence and inspire a great deal of people and we believe this kind of idea has the chance to make that happen! The Overall Company is consistently dedicated to finding ways of engaging with your interests. With that, it’s important that we find ways to articulate the essence of (1) what we represent, (2) the culture we’re building, (3) our beautiful space. Furthermore, it’s important that we’re consistently offering great experiences. Sometimes, that means stepping outside the box and being super creative. Sometimes, that means opening our doors even wider, and providing a special creative opportunity to the people who support and love us. We see that as initiating a communal exchange that will only serve as a benefit to all involved. We want to always be pushing ourselves as a company, and learning from the faith that takes. This creative project will allow us to do all of these things.



The tentative production period for the initial episodes is set for early March, 2015. The cast of main characters will be required to attend period table reads and rehearsal walkthroughs that will be scheduled.



While we have zero interest in creating anything tasteless or offensive, this series will depict real life and stories. Therefore, we’re attributing a PG-13 rating to the Overall series production.