Sponsor the Overall Series 

Becoming a sponsor of the Overall Web Series is more than just a great way to promote your brand or company. It's an opportunity to voice your support for the vitality and spirit of the East Alabama community. It allows you to stand out in support of great storytelling, new media in business, and the very valuable opportunities for people to participate in professional, creative productions. Fill out the form below, or contact the series producers at overallseries@gmail.com to receive more information.



$ 500

- Name and/or Brand/Company Recognition via Social Media, Overall Newsletter & Press

- Post Episode Credit Recognition

- Invite to Private Screenings & Premieres



$ 2500

(all in Maker Level, plus...)

- Producer Credit

- Overall In-Store Visible Brand/Company Recognition

- Private On-Set Filming Access Pass

- Special Director’s Cut Season DVD




(all in Guild Level, plus...)

- Original 60 sec Commercial (produced by our team) featured along with each episode.

- Dinner w/ Cast, Producer, Director & Overall Owners

- Autographed Scripts from Main Cast

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